Shared Spaces / Separate Places – No. 2

Bethany, Angela & Christina

Company apprentice Bethany met up with former College of Charleston classmates Angela Vecchione and Christina Hughes for a cross-country improvisation. Angela Vecchione, based in North Carolina and Christina Hughes, based in Salt Lake City, Utah recently established  Hughes and Vecchione Dance Projects, a company set on re-framing and experimenting with the way we think, view, discuss, and participate with dance during this pandemic. @hughesveccdance

Statement: Our prompt was to explore the words, “FLICK, WHISPER, RETREAT”.  We each picked one word: Christina-retreat, Angela-flick and Bethany-whisper. We played a song we could all hear over Zoom and one by one showed an improv inspired by our word. Following this exercise we played the same song and rather than focusing on just one word we dove into the improv incorporating movement inspired by all three words. 

Hughes and Vecchione Dance Projects is a project-based dance company that operates solely online. Catch their next performance “The Other Side,” a work created, rehearsed and presented online on Nov 28 & 29. Featuring Mexico-based artist Faby Guillén, this work will be performed via Zoom for an online, live-streamed experience. You can learn more about the company and purchase tickets at the link under “Upcoming Events” on

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