Shared Spaces / Separate Places – No. 3

Aimee & Jackie

Aimee connected with former University of North Carolina at Greensboro classmate Jacquelyn Batten for a movement improvisation enhanced by musical selection and camera angles. 

“Our words were SPIRAL and DISCOMFORT, so we played with how the music and the camera could amplify these feelings. The music, chosen by Jackie, has a discomforting energy and that can be felt with Jackie’s movement. Aimee’s camera angle, which hinders the audience’s view, was used to find a different form of discomfort causing the audience to feel as though they’re missing something. We went back and forth with who would use spiral for their movement inspiration and who would use discomfort, so in this final version Jackie is moved by discomfort and Aimee is moved by spirals.”

Based in Washington, DC, Jacquelyn is a dance artist, choreographer, performer and Education Intern at Dance Place. She is also fostering her movement brand (soul)lection, a personal platform she’s formed to teach classes, produce content, and create work.  Follow @soullection for event updates and content!

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