Shared Spaces / Separate Places – No. 7

Kristin & Lisa

It was an afternoon of huge smiles, catching up, and moving together when Kristin and Lisa Kwak reconnected on Zoom for their shared spaces/separate places improvisation.  They met in 2009 when Lisa made the very long journey from Japan to attend Camp Ballibay.  For three summers Kristin had a chance to work with Lisa in classes and learning Annex Dance Company repertory during the dance intensives. They quickly reconnected through shared memories of a place they hold deep in their hearts.

“We chose REMINISCE and NOSTALGIA as our prompts.  Having a place like Ballibay as our connection reminded us of physical places like the studios, the hillside, the theatre as well as people and experiences over the summers we shared. After we improvised we talked about the similarity of our experience in being present in our own space, aware of our shared virtual space and each other’s environment, and feeling connected to spaces at Ballibay. the smiles at the end of our improvisation indicate it won’t be another 10 years before we move together again!”

Lisa Kwak loves dancing and creating. She currently resides in Seattle, WA and works with dance companies Dani Tirrell and the Congregation, The Guild Dance Company, and PRICEArts N.E.W. She has also danced with The Three Yells, and artists such as Rachael Lincoln and Etienne Cakpo, among others. In addition to dance, Lisa is interested in developing her skills in graphic design, clothing design, and film. Instagram: @bitty_kwak

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