Shared Spaces / Separate Places – No. 4

Kristin & Vincent

Kristin met Vincent Thomas in the hallway outside the George Mason University dance studios, and it was friendship at first site. Although the distance between them has continued to increase over the years, they always find a way to stay connected. Friends for over 20 years, their improvisation was preceded by a long conversation about how they have been navigating the pandemic, especially as college educators.

“We chose FOLDING as our prompt.  There are so many layers to folding and unfolding that the physical act of our bodies investigating the action led us to a deep connection to our own mental and emotional well-being.  After we moved we considered the questions: How does the pandemic fold into our physical, mental, and emotional state, and what happens when we unfold? In the simple act of unfolding the creases and hinges can be more evident, is there also a sense of renewal?”

Vincent founded VTDance as an outlet for performance projects including solo, group, and collaborative choreographic endeavors. He works in and with communities with a variety of workshops, Table Talks, master classes, and community engagement activities. His most recent project ‘MugShots’ premiered as part of the Danzinc Festival (Singapore) last month (  Follow @vtdancecompany to stay connected with Vincent and his projects!

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