Lift the Lowcountry

Annex Dance Company is proud to be a part of Lift The Lowcountry, part of a national day of giving planned for May 5th, 2015. As a part of this day, Annex will get matching funds for every donation you, our supporters, give online that day!

Lift the Lowcountry is part of South Carolina’s state-wide giving day (called SC Gives Day) which is itself part of a larger national effort (called Give Local America).  All these aim to encourage us all to make gifts that support causes we care about in our community.  Part contest, part referendum, all good with over 100 community foundations nationwide working in concert to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the founding of the first community foundation.  All are united in promoting generosity where we live and work.

How It Works

Thanks to our partners at Costal Community Foundation, Annex Dance Company has been invited to participate in SC Gives Day. CCF has lined up some very generous anonymous donors who are giving funds to partially match any donation given to Annex Dance Company online on May 6th, Give Local America and SC Gives Day. The more donations we get, the bigger our piece of the matching funds. And to get more donations, we’ll need your help!

How Can I Give?

You can give to Annex Dance Company on Lowcountry Giving Day in 3 ways:

  1. Visit on May 5th and donate via the form on the front page.
  2. Go to and click on Annex Dance Company to give.
  3. You can also give by check, but if you want to do this, you’ll need to give this week! You can give to Annex Dance Company and have it count towards our Giving Day totals by mailing a check to the Coastal Community Foundation.
    The check must be made out to the Coastal Community Foundation with Annex Dance Company in the memo, and it must be received by Friday, April 24th to count towards the Giving Day totals. Checks also need to be accompanied by a letter telling the CCF that the donation is for Annex, signed by the same person who signed the check.The address for the CCF is:

    635 Rutledge Avenue, Suite 201

    Charleston, SC 29403

What Can I Do To Help?

  1. First and foremost, you can give on May 5th. We’ll have a widget on our site, and a link that we’ll email, Facebook, tweet and post on our site. So give, get your friends to give, and tell everyone you know to give. No donation is too small, and we appreciate any support you can give!
  2. Tell everyone you know! We’re sending out emails, tweeting, posting to Facebook. You can tweet and post to Facebook to. Just mention Annex Dance Company (@AnnexDanceCo) and use the hashtag #LiftTheLowcountry
  3. Sign up for our mailing list. We’ll tell you plenty of other ways to support Annex, and you can find out about our classes and performances.

 What Will My Donation Do?

Your donation will go directly to supporting Annex Dance Company. All donations on SC Gives Day will go to help pay for rehearsal and performance space, supporting the dancers, and all of the outreach that Annex performs in schools around Charleston.