Reminiscing Ten Years in Charleston

Everyone who has danced with Annex over the past ten years has been instrumental in the company’s transition to a new city and sustaining Annex Dance Company as an integral member of Charleston’s arts community.  During the month of May we will be featuring interviews with some of our past and present company members in honor of our Ten Years in Charleston!

Aimee Gwynne

In March 2018, Aimee sent an email to Kristin about her plans for a post-graduation (BFA – UNC Greensboro) move to Charleston and her interest in opportunities with the company.  Aimee’s arrival right before the Piccolo Spoleto Festival was the perfect introduction to the Charleston dance community because she was able to start taking classes with Annex and was invited into a project that Kristin was working on with Erin Leigh and other dancers in the community.  Aimee’s generosity in spirit was immediately felt inside and outside the studio. Her natural connection to the Annex movement style and her love of children led to two weeks at Camp Ballibay for the Fine and Performing Arts to help as the Alexander children’s babysitter and assist Kristin during Annex Dance Company’s dance intensive residency.  Aimee was a company apprentice from Summer 2018 until her invitation to become a company member in February 2019 (she shares that story in the blog interview!).  As one of the newest company members, we asked Aimee to reflect on being a part of Annex and share how it has shaped who she is today.

What was your favorite part of dancing and creating with Annex?

My favorite part of dancing and creating with Annex has been the wonderful things I’ve learned about what can be done with this form of art. To have the opportunity to work with a group that has helped me find how and why to create thought provoking works, sometimes with completely new people and spaces, has been incredibly inspiring.

Julie Clark and Aimee Gwynne
Charleston, SC – 2020

What is an experience/memory with Annex that you feel has shaped you as an artist?

Our 2019 residency at DeSales University comes to mind with this question. I love teaching dance, and I especially enjoyed working with college level dancers. The experience was incredibly motivational for my career.

Aimee Gwynne, Julie Clark and DeSales University Students
Center Valley, PA – 2019

Which piece do you find that you cherish and look back on often? And why?

ORIGIN! This piece was the one we performed in New York at the Center for Performance Research. After our second show, Kristin showed me the program and I found out I was officially a company member in Annex Dance Company, and I will always remember it.

Rehearsal for Origin
Charleston, SC – 2019

How do you feel Annex shaped your career?

Annex has created a space for me to continue learning and apply it to my daily practice, therefore allowing me and my career to be ever changing shape. This environment has helped me become a more present and empathetic dancer, and I believe that is why I have been so blessed in my career here in Charleston.

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