Shared Spaces / Separate Places – No. 5

Julie & Chieh

Julie reached out to the artistic director of Drye/Mariano Dance Co, Francesca Marinaro (Annex Dance Company member 2007-2011), for an opportunity to improvise with someone from her company.  Francesca connected Julie with Chieh Hsiusg, a NYC dance artist who has been dancing for DM Dance for four years. Chieh has been a leading role in many original works and also plays a key role in D/M’s school as a teacher and choreographer for their youth pre-professional company. Julie and Chieh met for the first time during this virtual improvisation!

Julie shares, “We chose the words ONCE, CATCHING, FRUSTRATION as our prompts and starting points for movement. I think we both enjoyed playing with the camera as a key part of our movement generation. We were surprised how connected we felt after our brief time together; listening to each other’s movement through Zoom proved to be more satisfying than we planned.”

Drye/Marinaro Dance Company is a unique and stylistically diverse dance company that strives to support the evolution of dance as an art, an expression, and a way of life. Striving not only to entertain, but also to intrigue audiences with thought provoking themes; using dance as a medium to make connections to life and real human interactions. Be sure to follow Drye/Marinaro Dance Company and Chieh for their latest updates! @dryemarinarodanceco @chieh.1990

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