V3: a Dance Installation

June 1, 5:30 PM

June 2, 11:30 AM

June 8, 6:30 PM

V3: a Dance Installation

V3 is a dance installation in the Carla Gannis / C.A.R.L.A. G.A.N.: wwwunderkammer at the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art at the College of Charleston School of the Arts. The site-specific dance component of the exhibit pushes the boundaries of audience and performer, reflecting the display of human and AI, reality and VR, baroque and contemporary. Performed by the company and students selected for the company’s annual residency with the College of Charleston Department of Theatre and Dance, the dancers bring a fourth dimension to the 3D rooms, or ‘chambers’, of the wunderkammer.

The artistic directors share, “The wunderkammer feels vast and grand, yet specific and nuanced. Hearing Carla describe the different personalities and the symbolism behind the avatars in her world has been the driving force behind our creative process. This is the first time dance has been part of Carla Gannis / C.A.R.L.A. G.A.N.: wwwunderkammer, and it feels very much like the beginning of our company exploring the virtual space beyond this project.


Annex Dance Company

Annex Dance Company is committed to providing accessibility to professional modern dance in Charleston, SC. Under the artistic direction of Kristin Alexander and associate artistic director Julie Clark, the company is rooted in modern dance tradition while pushing the boundaries of movement invention through relationships and intention. Performance, collaboration, and education remain at the forefront of every season. Annex Dance Company supports the arts through collaborative projects with artists of different mediums.

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Carla Gannis / C.A.R.L.A. G.A.N.: wwwunderkammer

In wwwunderkammer, Carla Gannis aims to decolonize the Wunderkammer (and by extension—the museum) by using various technologies to conflate the real and the virtual. Her exhibition wwwunderkammer is a real-world manifestation of her ongoing project of the same name, which exists online via social VR on Mozilla Hubs and in a high-resolution desktop VR. The ongoing project consists of different “chambers” that focus on specific aspects of our contemporary life, such as increasing threats to our environment and animals in it, how technologies alter our perception of ourselves, and how our language has shifted with the advent of the internet and advanced computers. The gallery installation will use augmented reality to obfuscate what seems real and what does not. These strategies help Gannis explore what it means to be a human in the age of the internet while also endeavoring to make information and knowledge accessible to all.

Experience the wwwunderkammer online here: https://hubs.mozilla.com/sFFtxXV/wwwunderkammer