Annex in the Charleston City Paper

Annex Dance Company was featured in an article in the Charleston City Paper on the state of Charleston’s Dance scene. You can read an excerpt below, and the whole article here. The article was written by Erica Curran.

Collaboration is a word we heard from almost everyone we interviewed, and it’s the idea behind theĀ Charleston Dance Alliance, a new group focused on uniting local dancers and dance organizations to help promote, support, and develop the local dance community. Current members include DanceFX and the Charleston Dance Project, Annex Dance Company, Robert Ivey Ballet, and Revolve Aerial Dance.

Annex Dance Company founder Kristin Fieseler is excited about the Alliance. “I’m hoping this is going to provide more opportunities for us to work together,” she says. Fieseler founded the company in Pennsylvania in 2007 and settled in Charleston in 2010. “I specifically chose Charleston because I felt like there was a thriving arts community and I felt like the dance community had the potential to grow,” she says. “There’s a need for another kind of company.”

She hopes to work with companies outside of the dance world as well to create a stronger artistic community in general. “Part of my mission is to be collaborating with artists of other mediums, and since I’ve moved here, I’ve gotten to work with a couple of musicians with projects, and I feel like that’s the direction that a lot of these companies are seeing a potential for,” she says. “If you reach out to artists either within the dance community or outside of the dance community, the collaborative efforts are really going to help push all of the arts in Charleston into a new direction.”

She adds, “I hope that everyone’s really ready to embrace the fact that there’s maybe some new faces or new people that are really invested in seeing dance succeed in Charleston.”

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